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Monday, October 4, 2021

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

It is time once more for the point of view of the dog and the cat. As always, I start with the perspective of the hound, who so easily gets distracted by squirrels.

7:03 AM. Waking up at home. Big yawn and a stretch. Boy, the sun seems to be getting up later and later these days. Of course, that's fall for you, which is followed by winter, which of course means running through snow and rolling through snow and wet fur...

7:05 AM. A look out the front windows. Some birds pecking around on the lawn. Some of the trees have more red to their leaves than yesterday. 

7:10 AM. The human comes downstairs. I start thumping my tail against the floor. Good morning, human! It's a fine day out there, if you don't mind my making the observation. But before I get out there and greet the day, could we see to my breakfast? Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, in a four way tie with lunch, dinner, and snacks.

7:12 AM. Watching the human pour me a big bowl of kibbles. Oh boy oh boy oh boy....

7:13 AM. Licking my chops after devouring my breakfast. Boy, was that good. 

7:18 AM. Making inquiries with the human about letting me out for a run. After all, a good run is an important thing in the morning.

7:20 AM. Out the back door and on my way. See you later, human!

7:27 AM. Running through the back fields, barking my head off at the cows in the neighbouring fields as I pass by. Good morning! 

They look at me like I'm nuts.

7:32 AM. Wandering through the woods, sniffing things as I go along. Life is good.

7:43 AM. Passing near the property where that cranky cat lives. I think I'll go say hello.

7:45 AM. Walking along the lawn. I see her sitting on the deck, staring at the back door. Good, she doesn't see me. 

7:47 AM. Within a few yards. She still doesn't see me. Okay, first things first. Be ready to turn around and run for the woods. Second, bark loudly in three, two, one...

7:48 AM. Racing into the woods at a fair clip, hearing that cranky cat howling behind me and making all sorts of accusations and vulgarities. I feel like laughing. 

7:53 AM. On my way home. Thoroughly pleased with myself. Today could only get better if I get the chance to bite the mailman in the leg.

8:11 AM. Approaching the house. Barking to announce my presence.

8:12 AM. The human lets me in and asks who's a good boy. Well, we both know it's me. Just don't believe anything you hear from the cranky cat that lives down the road.

10:29 AM. The human is having her morning coffee. I am using my patented sad eyes trick to coax her into giving me a cookie. 

12:35 PM. The human is having lunch. She's given me a spare ham and cheese sandwich. For whatever reason she also makes a peanut butter, nutella, and banana sandwich for herself. If you ask me, human beings can sometimes be really weird.

1:28 PM. Barking at the mailman as he drops things off in the mailbox. Get lost, you evil fiend! You're not wanted here!

3:04 PM. The human is having afternoon tea. I've mooched an oatmeal cookie off her.

5:10 PM. The human is musing about what she wants to make for dinner. Whatever you make is fine with me. Even if I don't like vegetables.

6:23 PM. The staff has given me a delicious plate of nicely cut up stewing beef. For whatever reason she's mashed her meat up with potatoes and carrots. 

7:03 PM. The staff is washing the dishes. I shall adjourn to the living room and await belly rubs.

7: 21 PM. Belly rubs. Life doesn't get any better than this.

8:38 PM. Lying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, wondering if that cranky cat from down the road is plotting revenge.

11:26 PM. The human is off to bed. Good night, human! Sleep well. I'll keep a close watch on things down here during the night. In between naps.


  1. The whole collection got me in, twitter and paranoid terrier just leads the pack or is it iphone5 dog!

  2. Now that was one amazing day! Made me smile. Loved reading the narrative along with the pics. Fun!

  3. Cats definitely have staff. A happy read, thank you.

  4. Fabulous !
    So many so much fun but the bord dog is wonderful along with the two gud dugs who are saving their family.

  5. Ha William, these pics and captions are adorable! You really capture their personalities with your commentary. :D

  6. Too funny, William! These are so much fun!

  7. All of these photos made me smile! I am a cat aficionado


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