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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Bitter Last Stand Of A Dark Lord

My apologies in advance for the cursing, but given the subject in question, it's warranted.

We have ourselves a federal election here on the 19th of October, and it is my great hope that the vindictive bastard in the Prime Minister's Office is in the final days of his reign of terror. As I'll be posting other things around that time, I thought I'd take the chance now to post an image blog featuring that sociopath hyper-partisan Dark Lord of the Sith otherwise known as Stephen Harper. In case he happens to see this, I have this to say- Stevie, you're a complete asshole, and you're long overdue for retirement.


  1. I fear that the results of our upcoming elections will have me posting a lot more along these lines. How do some people make it into politics? (Or even tie their shoes?)

  2. I am so sorry Harper keeps getting elected.
    Is he related to the crazy brothers your keep writing about ? I can't think of their names right now. Or he went to the same "school" of how to cheat at winning elections.
    I hope you and people like Joanne can get the vote gets out. Hope you don't go the way of the U.S.
    Here the elections don't count because special interest groups stuff the boxes by buying off votes.
    It is a huge mess.
    Plus the Obama jokes don't work. he would not be able to confront anyone with out apologizing first and after.

    Hope Harper gets booted out ! Good Luck
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Stephen Harper can count on my vote against him.
    Jane x

  4. Quite the collection! I have a fear, however, and a hope for a coalition...

  5. You know I can never find people I actually want to vote for. It's usually me voting for the person I dislike the least. Sad, but true.

  6. Better be careful. I hear Facebook is monitoring people like you and me.

  7. Elections -_- Somehow Trump is leading in the polls here. I don't even understand.

  8. @Meradeth: the sooner he's gone, the better.

    @Parsnip: strangely the Ford boys seem to think if Harper loses, they can just waltz in and take over the Conservative party. I don't think the party will be that stupid or desperate.

    @Jane and Chris: my vote's definitely not for Harper!

    @Jennifer: anything to get this thug out of office.

    @Kelly: that's the case here.

    @Shelly: at this point I could care less what Facebook has to say, considering how they've treated me while letting white supremacists get away with anything they want to spew.

    @Auden: Trump should do the world a favour and hold his breath for an hour.

  9. i hope you get your wishes. politics are so tough to understand why things happen the way they do. the saying i always remember, not sure who said it 1st ... but we are headed to hell in a hand basket ... & i couldn't agree more ... the world is not the best it could be. ( :

  10. Why do I get the feeling you really don't like Stephen Harper?

  11. I knew nothing about this man until I started reading your rants (this is the best one, by the way); then I did some research. You are right on. May he be put out to pasture in a cow pie asap.

  12. @Beth: with any luck, this time next week he'll be out of office, wondering when it all went wrong.

    @Norma: is it that obvious?

    @Lowell: emphasis on asap!

    @Diane: he really does.

    @Whisk: thank you!


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