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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eight Reindeer Of The Santapocolypse

Some links before we get things underway. Norma had her Christmas letter. Parsnip wrote about the winter solstice (and a birthday), as well as posted a Tucson Christmas. Shelly had Christmas greetings and the latest part of a Silly Santa story. Krisztina had advice for coping with the mad rush this time of  year and a few ideas for Christmas chocolate bark. And Cheryl had part five and part six of her look at Sapelo Island. Also drop in at my photoblog, where I'm marking Christmas as well.

I have today an avalanche of Christmas related pics fitting my skewered sense of humour. Enjoy... and don't drink the eggnog. Someone (we won't mention who) spiked it. Besides, it's eggnog, and you don't really want to drink that, do you?


  1. Loool what a collection, thanks for the smiles and laughs!

  2. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Thanks for sharing these. Hilarious. :D

  3. Oh, too funny! Our two kitties, just last night, ate part of an Xmas centerpiece, almost knocked a clock off the wall, did knock two big ribbons off our wee tree, and watched Beauty and the Beast with us.

    Yep, we got the movie already. Lois Anne read your review and thought it was excellent. We loved the movie. Tonight we're going to watch the "extras" on the 2nd disc.

    Have a Merry...

  4. Oh My Goodness.
    Thanks for all the smiles. The Scotties are wonderful but the cat and dog eating the snacks were the best.
    The Scotties are plotting revenge you know !
    Merry Merry Christmas and Thank You for the present of your blog !

    cheers, gayle
    The Two Square Dogs.

  5. All good fun. Thanks for posting these.

  6. Great posting for Christmas Eve! I love Santa Cat and his sidekick Jewish Cat!

  7. For a minute there, I thought the theme was going to be "Villains' Christmas."

  8. @Ciel: thank you!

    @Diane: you're welcome!

    @Lowell: that's quite a pair of kitties!

    @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Whisk: you're welcome!

    @Cheryl: aren't they cuties?

    @Norma: it could look that way!

  9. I could see Grumpy Cat succeeding where the Grinch failed. ;) Merry Christmas, William!

  10. Thanks for the laughs, William. And Merry Christmas!

  11. I'm with the 99%. Pets against antlers!

    Merry Christmas, William!

  12. I hope you had an nice holiday and have a great New Year. Thanks for the funnies!


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