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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vengeance Of That Prognosticating Rodent

It's Groundhog Day tomorrow. For whatever reason, some people want an early spring. I don't know why, if you ask me, winter's a perfectly lovely season, and we're guaranteed at least six more weeks of it anyway. And so I have an image blog for you.


  1. The third one's my favorite...and yes, I'm hoping for an early spring!

  2. Second to the last one for me ! So cute.
    Son is celebrating his birthday in Japan today but his birthday is tomorrow !
    I want more winter we need the snow and rain.

    Terrific post.
    cheers, parsnip

  3. First off, we never HAD a winter here in Florida this year. BWAHAHAH!!

  4. I am so ready for spring and I live in the desert. Great cartoons though.

  5. I don't even want to tell you how our weather's been.

  6. Groundhogs like winter because they are less active during winter and therefore less likely to become road kill.

  7. Every year I'm done with winter before it even begins. Bring on spring!

  8. @Norma: I'm not!

    @Parsnip: the more snow the better.

    @Diane: we appear to be having a more normal winter.

    @Mari: spring can stay away!

    @Petrea: ours has been cold.

    @Mark: poor groundhog!

    @Lynn: quite true!

    @Kelly: ah, but the cold's good for you!

  9. First of all, I don't know who invented this stupid idea. Second, two winters on Ground Hog Day we had something like 18" of snow. If there's snow on the ground, the ground hog wouldn't even come out of his hole, he'd be sleeping away down below. Humans are more than stupid, they're pathetic trying to predict when spring actually gets here. Look on your calendar. It's on March 20, which is 7 weeks away.
    (you had fun with this, William, I can tell!)

  10. The one about being a rodent not a meteorologist is a riot! I'm afraid here in the U.S., we're looking at about four more years of cold and horror.

  11. Winter is coming...

    However, according to General Beauregard Lee, Georgia's resident groundhog, it's over!!! Spring is here!

    I'll take him over Punxsutawney Phil any day!


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