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Monday, January 25, 2016

Vengeance Of The Furious Bagpipes

It is Robert Burns Day today. I therefore have an image blog all set up for the occasion. Enjoy, and for God's sake, don't eat the haggis!


  1. I think I know the origin of the word, "kilt." It arose years ago when some idiot found some funny looking tubes, combined them and blew in them, calling it music. He was a character and even wore a short, pleated skirt. The common people laughed and laughed and then they kilt him. This all happened in Scotland.

  2. I may be really odd, but I actually love bagpipes. Haggis, not so much, but that's probably for the best :)

  3. I love grumpy cat. He would eat the flower of Scotland. That explains the sour look on his face,

  4. Only certain men can pull off wearing a kilt. Mel Gibson was one. LOL

  5. @Anita: that's what I thought.

    @Lowell: that would explain it!

    @Kelly: so do I.

    @Meradeth: I love the pipes too. I'd avoid haggis like the plague though.

    @Shelly: Grumpy rules!

    @Diane: hah!

  6. Ask Grumpy Cat what flower that would be. Funny.

  7. I have a Scottish pub within walking distance of where I live. It's a great place and I've tried almost everything on the menu, but not the haggis. One day ... ;) God knows I've eaten more exotic stuff, but I can't say it really appeals to me. Maybe I have to make a trip to Scotland and eat it there!

  8. This is just the best !
    So many great quote and photos to love but my heart is with the white Scottie. That is what Watson Daddy looked liked.
    But the Star Wars one is a close second.
    Daughter and dog are now living in Marquette, Michigan halfway (?) between Thunder Bay and Sudbury on the Ontario map. Yes she likes snow so far. We shall see.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Well, being part Scotch-Irish this tickled the funny bone. Thanks, William!

  10. How did I miss this one?

    I'm also part Scot, and I think it's hilarious!


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