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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Last Ride Of Governor Mittens

I originally titled this post Governor Mittens Never Takes A Hint, but then the blowhard went and said he won't be having yet another go at losing the presidency again. No doubt he's already grooming one of his sons to run for President in thirty years; I can see him saying, "do it for your dad, and for Grandpa, and for Brigham Young." Anyway, today I have one of my occasional series of odds and ends meme image posts. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, wow. Some of these are so great. Love the Twilight comments. Oh, and Dick C with that smirk on his face. Wow!
    The Batman one too. Oh, I could go on.
    Home sick today, but had to visit. You made me chuckle. Thank you, William!

  2. Pretty funny. Especially the Cheney one.

  3. I love the Twilight ones and "I don't trust people who smile before 10:00am" So true. I am not a morning person.

  4. You know, I feel like I missed out: none of the digs I've been on have allowed me to punch a Nazi...

  5. Morning person here. Does that mean I can't be trusted? ;)

  6. The bear chairman-of-the-board is my fave!

  7. @Norma: apparently so!

    @Lorelei: you're welcome.

    @MB: thanks!

    @Lois: every once in awhile I like featuring him. I'm thinking of writing an unnamed former Vice President's not so lamented passing into a future book. Basically it's him.

    @Auden: neither am I. My grandmother was. When she and my grandfather were married a couple of weeks, he said he'd take care of his own breakfast in the morning and she didn't need to get up; he preferred quiet first thing in the morning, where she was a chatterbox.

    @Meradeth: quite a shame!

    @Kelly: none of us can be trusted!

    @Cheryl: isn't that a cutie?

    @Jennifer: thanks!

  8. The Twilight Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter one...
    Please make it so !
    The Stargate Golf episode is my favorite one.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Good afternoon, Sir Wills. Love the bear pics! Thank you for coming! Hahahahaha!

  10. Personally I am terribly sad he is not running again. I thought we could all use a good dose of common sense, but I suspect he was correct in understanding he would not get elected. So glad to see you back on Facebook.

  11. Haha! Koalas are a wee bit more wirey than fluffy :)


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