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Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick Versus The Frown Of Grumpy Cat

It's Saint Patrick's Day today; some links for you to check out then. At our joint blog, we have some advice to follow. Have a look at Krisztina's blog for dessert ideas. Shelly has a leprechaun excerpt here. Eve takes a quick look at a pair of classic Irish themed movies. And also check out my photoblog for a look at the St Patrick's parade in Ottawa.

I'll leave you with this assortment of Irish and St. Pat's themed pics. Enjoy!


  1. Yep. My cats tried to hide all my green items, too! But I fooled them! I had a pair of shamrock earrings hidden away!

    Uh, make that one shamrock...

    Uh, make that...

    Uh oh.

  2. Ha, ha. I mentioned in a CAT post? Happy St. Patrick's Day William and thanks for being a friend. Wish I could help be a designated driver.

  3. Totally laughing at the Medusa one. :)

  4. Love it!

    The cat with the green eyes and tongue is my favorite. :D

  5. @Cheryl: the cats are devious.

    @Shelly: thanks!

    @Eve: thank you!

    @Norma: it was delicious.

    @Kelly: she's kind of cute in a Sinead cut.

    @Diane: well, she is Grumpy Cat, after all.

  6. The very first Grumpy Cat was the best of them all. Cheers and raise one for me. I tried green beer once. Never again.

  7. I enjoyed your terrific photoblog pictures, but these ones are fab too! I mean, who can resist St. Patrick Stewart?:)

  8. hahahahahahahaha great post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. That Medusa and St. Patrick one was way too funny! Hope you had a good one :)

  10. Patrick Stewart hehehehe! Hope you didn't consume too much green ale William :)

  11. @Mari: I don't go for green beer, but I did have green pancakes yesterday!

    @LondonLulu: Make it so!

    @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Meradeth: I did!

    @Grace: oh, not me!

  12. Loved all the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Some cool cat pictures here. I've never understood St. Patrick's day, but then I'm not Irish (well, maybe a little bit 'cause I'm a little bit of everything!). I know that for the Irish (like my grandson-in-law) it's a great excuse to drink. But then again I have never thought the Irish needed an excuse to drink. Ha ha.

  14. I hope you had a wonderful Saint Patrick'Day. This post made me smile. My son had posted the last photo on his Facebook page the other day.


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