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Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Curse Of The Changing Clocks

For many of us in North America, this weekend marks the time to switch over to daylight saving time, lose a perfectly good hour's sleep, and contemplate cold blooded murder of the bastard who invented it. It's too late for that, incidentally- it was a British scientist by the name of George Hudson, and he died in 1946. No mention if he was deservedly strangled to death by someone who hated daylight saving time as much as the rest of us. Oh, well.  


  1. Since it's too late to murder George Hudson, I say we seek out his grave and spit on it!

  2. Too too funny! It does drive me crazy. We used to have to reset our clocks all the time when we lived in Illinois. Hawaii doesn't do Daylight Savings so I now MUST remember that the time difference between Hawaii and Illinois (daughter) and Hawaii and Maryland (son) has changed. Arrghhh....

  3. Hilarious.... We are spared losing an hour herein Western Australia, yay. But I have to say I did not like it while living in England.

  4. :)))

    I doesn't make sense anymore.

  5. Replies
    1. The effects of daylight saving time throwing the mind a curveball are far ranging.

  6. Thank goodness we get our hour back in the fall!

  7. So agree with this!!!!!!!!!!

    Stupid, stupid, stupid Rule!!!!!!

    Being old, and not having to go to work, I can "3rd finger of the right hand" at the whole process. And keep on living on Nature's Clock. According to the sun!

    So there!!!!!!!



  8. I'm still confused, and with the pandemic it's going to take me a few days to acclimatize to the change. I don't even know the days now let along what hour it is!


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