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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Sisters Of Little Or No Mercy

I have an image blog today. Enjoy!


  1. LOL! Oh how I would love to see my two favorite detectives, Columbo and Baretta, work together!! :D

  2. I have always loved Foghorn Leghorn here is my hero !

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  3. I kind of want these Picard images as my desktop screens at work, so I can just step aside and be like "THIS" when I get certain students stopping by my office :) (Okay, not really, but the thought's there!)

  4. Excellent. Loved the dark humor.

  5. @Diane: I've only seen Columbo!

    @Parsnip: Foghorn's quite a character!

    @Meradeth: those would be useful in such circumstances!

    @Eve: me too.

    @Mari: thanks!

  6. Sorry, Brian Williams. Trump still has you beat for delusions of grandeur. Love the opossums!

  7. I did laugh at all of them, but I think the pic of Putin was most telling. He was explaining the size of da Trumpf's dumbstick to his cohorts in what used to be the KGB.

  8. Nuns with guns... hey that rhymes!
    Good stuff to giggle at, William!


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