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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Never Get Jack Bauer Angry At You

"Damn it, Chloe, we are running out of time! Now make a decision! Do you want pepperoni, meat lovers, or  pineapple?" ~ Jack Bauer

"Tony, do you think we'll be happy forever?" ~ Michelle Dessler
"Sure, what's the worst that can happen now that we're all happy again? It's not as if we're characters in a show with the worst case scenario always happening, right?" Tony Almeida, right before Season Five

"Hey, could I use some of these lines from my Jonas Hodges character in a speech I'm giving next week at the Republican convention?" ~ Jon Voight

"I swear, I do know how to smile. I did it once, two years ago, while Jack and I were having sex. Did I mention he can go twenty four hours without a break?" ~ Chloe O'Brian

"What's the worst that can happen? Jack Bauer just asked me to trust him and help him out." ~ every single character who ever trusted Jack Bauer to keep them alive

"I swear, I'll get that Kim Bauer if it's the last thing I do." ~ The Cougar, Season Two

"I take no pleasure in this. I want you to know that. But you're giving me no choice. You're the one making me do this. This is going to hurt. You'll beg for mercy. But if you don't tell me what I need to know, I'm going to have that Bieber twit sing to you over and over for the next twenty four hours. Damn it, look at him! He's already doing mike tests. Don't make me let him start singing!" ~ Jack Bauer

Well, 24 returns to the airwaves this summer, starting this Monday, in a special event, titled 24: Live Another Day. Jack Bauer is back, ready to kick butt, take names, and tear his way through London. I thought I'd take the time to post twenty four memes for Jack and those in his world. Enjoy... and seriously. Don't get Jack Bauer angry at you. Instead of shooting you, he'll shoot your spouse just to make a point. He's done it before, damn it!


  1. You've got some really funny stuff here....

    Jack Bauer called. He'd like a word with you.


  2. I didn't really get into the first series, was it good? Do you think it's worth giving it a shot this time round William?

  3. Liked the one about strangling someone with a cordless phone!

  4. OK, another to add to the list of people and lighting that I can't stand next to you when they appear !
    This list is getting long.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. @Norma: I am so dead.

    @Jane and Chris: yes he is!

    @Grace: I loved the series. Apparently this one can be gotten into without a previous knowledge of the series.

    @Cheryl: indeed!

    @Parsnip: and getting longer by the day.

  6. I'm not afraid to tell you I've never watched that show.

    But I am afraid to tell HIM that.

  7. Is it just me or does Sutherland look like he could be related to Eminem? LOL

  8. I watch 24 whenever I can!

  9. I wish I could "up vote" or "like" Norma's comment! Never got into watching 24, but I do like the idea of the show being in real time. Clever.

  10. This was funny. But I've never seen this show. Too busy doing other things like sleeping.

    Hugs and chocolate!


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