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Monday, May 29, 2023

Spellcasting Spammers, Begone!

 They never do give up, no matter how many times you delete their comments, or even prevent them from being published in the first place by the spam filters catching them. They never take a hint, no matter how many times you insult, belittle, or degrade them. I should know, considering how often I do berate them. I speak of course of that verminous scum of filth and treachery otherwise known as homo sapiens spammeritis annoyingus. The internet spammers and scammers who infest our blogs and email junk folders with comments that have nothing to do with the subject, or vile nonsense such as the following, which ended up as a reply to a previous post about spammers, flagged as spam, and deleted permanently.

SEEING IS BELIEVING'' The most powerful international Spiritual healer or spell caster, LICENSED from Africa 🌍. That helped me get pregnant, you can also witness the real spiritual powers yourself if you need help in getting your ex lover back through his email address. Dr Boadi is a gifted powerful herbalist practitioner, fortune teller, marriage consultant and a psychic using his natural power to help people. Dr Boadi has been registered with international traditional healers since 1970 with more than 42 years of experience. He works on different spell cast services,
he is an international powerful spiritual healer who can help every one all over the world regardless of location, color or race. 'Results are %100 Guaranteed and will vary from person to person' No matter what problems other healers failed to achieve, the manner in which he helped me can't make me stop talking about him, my marriage was almost gone cause i could not give birth but through the powerful help of Dr Boadi (a man that understand the pains everyone's feels) i was able to get pregnant and i deliver safely a bouncing boy, if you need help contact him now through his email

I'm Jacqueline Holt
From united states

Me again. Okay, where do we start with this pile of garbage? Well, to begin, from previous experience, just posting this guarantees that the spell casting spam comments will infest this post for a little while. I've seen that before, and no doubt it'll recur once again when this gets posted, with an incessant spam comment very similar to the above.

This nitwit claims the virtues of spellcaster Dr Boadi (no period after Dr, because spelling and punctuation are things that are not terribly relevant to spammers). I ask where Boadi's doctorate comes from, and suspect it's from a non-accredited institution headed by the one and the same Boadi. 

Small aside- there's a jackass in my city who heads an organization that does nothing at all but hype himself, with a staff consisting of himself, and he's given himself a doctorate from his own organization, all while claiming to be a celebrated genius, lawyer, doctor, and consultant to heads of state. None of which are true; his actual occupation is owning two rundown homes he rents out, and the only mentions of him online from anyone but him are warnings from people who have rented from him that he's certifiably insane.

Carrying on though. This idiot trots out the usual spellcaster spam story of losing their lover while endorsing the fake doc Boadi as a genius miracle worker, psychic, and all around great guy who'll get you what you want (omitting the part about giving over free access to your bank account, because let's face it, at some point early on that's going to be happening). 

This nitwit says results are "%100 Guaranteed and will vary from person to person." Wait a minute. First, the percentage sign goes behind the number. Second, if it's guaranteed (it's not, because this is all a scam), then results can't vary. Your wildest dreams will happen if you trust this witch doctor (they won't, and don't make the mistake of trusting this witch doctor, because they're a scam artist).

Nice try, numbskull. First, I don't believe in psychics or fortune tellers. Second, the same applies to faith healers and spell casters. Because it's a scam, pure and simple. These are written by the scammers themselves, with nothing to do but post the exact same comment at hundreds or thousands of blogs in the hopes that someone's dumb enough to bite.

In reality, even if such a comment makes it past the spam filters of a blog, the watchful blogger will quickly send it to spam, and then delete it entirely.

A suggestion to you: if you can't find a way to make a living legally, then I'd recommend you consider another course of action.

Like heading to the Mines of Moria and picking a fight with a Balrog.


  1. That's a new one, I haven't seen it before, but then I don't get many at all these days, my malware blocks a LOT of stuff.

    1. Mine goes right to spam. Along with a lot of comments that are not spam.

  2. I hear the requirements for passing the spellcasting licensing exam are ridiculous.

  3. I get spam constantly. On the other hand I also get some regular commenting blogging friends stuck in spam also. It's the weirdest thing. I have no idea why they would get thrown into the spam box. I have to constantly check to make sure blogger friends' comments are printed legitimately.

    1. It's been going on for like a year now. Even some of my own comments get shunted to spam. Oddly enough, not much of that in this blog, but definitely in my photo blog.


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