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Friday, September 9, 2022

The Passing Of The Monarch

 Queen Elizabeth II

The world is a darker place with her passing.

This portrait of the Queen dates to 2012, and hangs at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.


  1. A melancholy day. That's a great painting.

    1. It is. At the Hall it's at the far end of a ballroom. Because of its size it's still easy to take in the detail.

  2. A sadness that reaches deep into the soul.

  3. That's a very beautiful portrait.

  4. An incredible woman she was. I wanted her to live forever.

  5. I was five when she became queen. We'd just moved and my parents had bought our first TV so my mom could watch her coronation. I remember the images as snowy and indistinct, but we did watch it, transmitted from England to the U.S. via (as far as I know) a cable stretched under the ocean. Now, with the Queen's passing, the coverage is transmitted, nearly instantly, via satellite in high definition, colored images. So many changes in our world, but she was a constant. I will miss her.

  6. Gosh... I was only a toddler when she became queen. It's hard to think of England without her.


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