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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Musings Of A Grouchy Rodent

Groundhog Day is nearly upon us, and as always some people will be desperately hoping for spring. In various places groundhogs will be rudely awoken early in the morning by idiots in top hats to put on a show of seeing or not seeing their shadows.

And here in Canada we'll keep getting more winter regardless of what Wiarton Willie has to say.

Here's an image blog for the occasion.


  1. These are great! The Bernie one reminded me of last January in both good and awful ways.

  2. Year three of fourteen days to flatten the curve is as funny as it is sad.

  3. thanks for gathering these and they are all good and well said. happy groundhog day

  4. I have never understood Ground Hog day, but your memes made me laugh. The fact that we're due a snowstorm tomorrow night into Friday evening leads me to believe that it doesn't much matter what the ground hog has to say on the topic.

    1. We're supposed to get snow too. I think it was starting as I got home.

  5. The humble groundhog a predictor of weather? Humans are such silly creatures.

    Funny memes as always.

  6. Stupid groundhog. We'd be better off having him for dinner.


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