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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Revenge Of An Internet Spammer

They never take a hint and just go away, or throw themselves off a cliff. The latter would be more welcome. But no, they don't do that. I speak, of course, of the spammers and scammers who infest our blogs and email with their endless crap. These days, even more than before, I'm checking my blog spam pages- because legitimate comments are ending up there. I'm sure some of mine are ending up in other spam folders for other blogs. 

Some time back I posted a couple of times about the spell caster crap that routinely comes up. Those posts attracted a lot of attention from spell caster spammers. Such as the following, which came under the name Shannon, but can't seem to make up their mind as to their actual name.

Here is  my testimony on how I was cured of HIV by Dr Mandaiker ,with his natural herbal medicine.  on a regular basis in efforts to help others when I could. As you may know, each donation is tested.  Well, on July 6th I had a meeting with a Red Cross representative and was told that I had HIV. “What went through your mind when you heard that "Rose" Good question reader! To be honest, I thought my life was over, that I would ever find love, get married, have children or anything normal. Lucky for me I have an amazing support system.  My family supported me then I never thought that I was invincible to STD s or pregnancy or anything else parents warn their kids about. I just didn’t think about it. I was in a monogamous relationship and thought that I asked the right questions.  We even talked about marriage scary.  During that time I was in college and donated blood on a re as well. who helped me in search of cure through the media.there we saw a good testimony of sister 'Kate' about the good work of Dr Mandaiker natural herbal medicine cure.then I copied his email address and contacted him. A good herbalist doctor with a good heart, he is kind, loving and caring. He replied back to my message and told me what to do. After a week the doctor sent me my herbal medicine and instructed me how to take it. Yes it worked very well, after drinking it I went to the hospital for another test and everything turned negative. What a wonderful testimony I can never forget in my life. Dr Mandaiker is a man who gave me a life to live happily forever so all I want you all to believe and know that cure of HIV is real and herbs is a powerful medicine and it works and heals.  Dr Mandaiker also used his herbal medicine to cure diseases like:   HERPES, DIABETES, SCABIES, HEPATITIS A/B, STROKE, CANCER, ALS, TUBERCULOSIS, ASTHMA, PENIS ENLARGEMENT, MALARIA, LUPUS, LIVER CIRRHOSIS, DEPRESSION, HIV/AIDS, EPILEPSY, BACTERIAL, DIARRHEA, HEART DISEASES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, PARKINSON'S, ALZHEIMER, COLD URTICARIA, HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS,INSOMNIA,  BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS, SCHIZOPHRENIA, JOINT PAIN, STOMACH PAIN, CHROME DISEASES, CHLAMYDIA, INSOMNIA HEARTBURN, ,  THYROID, MAR BURG DISEASES, MENINGITIS, ARTHRITIS, BODY WEAK, SMALLPOX, DENGUE, FEVER, CURBS, CHANCRE, AND OTHERS VARIOUS DISEASES/ VIRUS.   You are there and you find yourself in any of these situations, kindly contact Dr Mandaiker now to help you get rid of it. Here is his email address or you can write to him on through his website My appreciation is to share his testimony for the world to know the good work Dr Mandaiker has done for me and he will do the same for you.

Okay, so where to begin? Well, straight off the top with the claim that this "Dr Mandaiker" cured HIV. That's astonishing, considering you'd think that someone who actually cured that would be lauded with every award and show of esteem possible. But no, because he never cured anything.

This person, who seems to identify themselves as Rose (no, wait, "Rose" in quotations), claims she was told by a Red Cross representative that she had HIV. She goes on about her crushed dreams for marriage, pregnancy, a future (too bad this is all a lie to begin with) and says she was in a monogamous relationship and thought she asked the right questions. Well, not so monogamous if you ended up with HIV, which you didn't, because this is a total line of crap.

She prattles on about testimony from another totally fake person, a sister Kate, about the aforementioned totally fake doctor. She claims the totally fake doctor sent her some herbal medicine to drink, which she did, and afterwards her tests came back negative. And then she goes on to rattle off a whole bunch more diseases (some misspelled, all in capital letters- a hallmark of the average internet scammer) that she claims Dr Mandaiker has cured with his herbs.

This is astonishing. Because if this was real (it's not), and he had cured things like cancer and diabetes and arthritis... he'd be famous. He'd be applauded by the world. He'd be a shoo-in for every medical award and commendation imagination.

But it's not real, and neither is he. Nor is Rose, Shannon, or whatever she wants to call herself the next time she tries to send this spam comment in.

Because that comment got automatically sent to spam comment purgatory, never seeing the light of day, and nor will it ever do so. 

Why? Because I hate spammers. 

Hate, hate, hate, infinity hate 'em.

And I know this post, by mentioning a totally fake doctor who falls under the spell caster/ witch doctor/ actual fraud category, will attract yet more spam comments from totally fake accounts lauding their totally fake guru.

To which I say to each and every one of you, this is what should happen to you. And your con artist 'doctor/ miracle worker'.


  1. I had to laugh at the line where she donated blood on a re, which I'm guessing is short for regular, because she wouldn't be allowed to donate with HIV.

  2. I detest the spammers. Many of your comments end up in my spam god knows why!
    Yet these spam freaks seem to slip through so easily. Worms that they are!


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