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Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Welcome To Texas Has Been Revoked

Some links before getting started today. Norma had posts on burglars and artistry. Eve had a poem. Shelly had an update from the dog's point of view. Mark wrote about a writer's retreat. 

Now then, today I have something that will probably come back to haunt me someday (visions of Texas Rangers- and not the baseball team- kicking my ass come to mind). On the one hand, Texas has been suffering as of late due to the weather. On the other... more than a few Texans seem to think that military exercises equal an invasion, and are coming across as out of their minds. This image blog therefore is my response. Enjoy!


  1. I'm with you Mr. Walker sir. I too am afraid of spiders! But mice? YOU WIMP!! lol

  2. Well, you've made your opinion of Texans pretty clear. Since it seems unlikely you'd want to visit Texas, the presence or absence of a welcome seems moot.

  3. That picture of Nessie in north Texas makes me want to visit! Too bad you can't go see her, too!

  4. LOL! Have family in Texas. They really do think Texas centers the universe! (Can choose one's friends, not one's family.)

    1. That would be because the rest of the universe is jealous of Texas.

      The humble acceptance of perfection is difficult for some...

  5. We've driven through Texas and that map is mighty accurate, Cowboy. Lol Thanks for the mention.

  6. I actually like Texas very much. Lots of great people but they do love their state ! Big time !
    And we Border States have to stick together. We are being invaded.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I hear there's a warrant out for you in Texas...or was that a bounty? Alive: $50, dead: $100, full of holes, $200....

  8. Well, it's really to get us used to having military be among us here in America. Russia, China, Korea, and Iran are all a threat to us. Then, we have ISIS. This could all be a two-fold mission for our military. Also, Japan and Europe are having similar drills as is China and Russia. Something is up and not necessarily Marshall Law. However, if there are anymore race wars or the economy collapses there might be Marshall Law.

  9. @Diane: I've never gotten the Chuck Norris as totally invincible memes.

    @Lynn: well, I'd love to visit, particularly in terms of national parks, but I did find that paranoid "military exercise equals invasion" mindset quite bizarre.

    @Cheryl: I'm sure word would get out ahead of me!

    @Kittie: I remember a quote from a movie by Pecos Bill: you don't ever make fun of Texas.

    @KB: hah!

    @Eve: thanks!

    @Parsnip: it seems very odd from up this far north.

    @Norma: $500 if in extreme agony.

    @Shelly: I wouldn't go quite that far.

  10. I know quite a few people in Texas. None have been affected too much by the recent weather though.

  11. Sheldon is from Texas! #BigBang :)

  12. Dang, this was right funny! Love the snowmen made of tumble weed, but they took second to the map. And I need no further warnings to NOT go there. Thanks! (:


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