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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Juggling Awards, Torches, And Flying Animals

Whilst I continue to catch up on blog reading, I also have to catch up with giving out awards. In recent days, Norma, PK, and Beth have given me nods in their blogs. The Stylish Blogger Award and the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award came from Norma, Beth awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award, and the Bloggers Unite Award from PK.

You can find their respective blogs here:

Thank you, ladies, for the awards! And if you're not already a subscriber, check them out.

Now then, in regards to the first two, there are rules involved. It usually means giving the nod to other blogs. So, let's get to it, starting with some Irresistibly Sweet blogs.

Generally speaking, what might qualify for me? Well, impossibly cute critters (not flying monkeys), or something that satisfies my sweet tooth. And so here we have these blogs which provide either of them (obviously not at the same time!)....

Sam's Story is Norma's blog about her late, great parakeet Sam, and if you've had pets, you can relate. Sam was one of a kind, and a heck of a bird.

Two Little Square Black Dogs is a blog by AngryParsnip. All sorts of critters work their way into this image blog, including an impossibly cute group of javelinas that have been around the house.

Ten Lives and Second Chances follows the misadventures of a cat named Charlie and his human staff, who goes by the handle Old Kitty.

Pets And Other Critters is Lynn Benoit's blog featuring all kinds of critters. The most recent one features a baby aardvark of all things.

Kaitlyn and Kylie's is Christina Lucas' page, dedicated to her chocolates and sweets business. Just looking at it is enough to get you hungry.

Reading, Writing, Romance is Maria McKenzie's home page, and typically on Fridays she'll include a recipe for a mouth watering dish.

This brings us to the Stylish Blogger Award.
One of the rules about this one is that we have to tell you, the reader, seven things about ourselves you might not know. Much of this Norma will already know, but we'll see.

Let's see, seven things, seven things... where do I start? The heist at the Lac Leamy casino? No, that would incriminate me, and we can't have that...

1. I'm blacklisted with the Mormons. I had a Mormon housemate once, and on one occasion, coming home, I found one of his "elders" waiting outside the house, asking for him. Long story short, I didn't know, but made the comparison to the Mafia, who also control a city in the American deserts, operate on a rigid hierachy, and employ muscled goons to look after their interests. Sufficed to say, the elder wasn't impressed, and the housemate was gone in a week. Somewhere in Salt Lake City, my name resides in a Revenge List.

2. The first climb I made was at Rattlesnake Point on the Niagara Escarpment. I was twelve or so, on my own hiking, had no equipment, no experience, and no partner. Still, scaling that cliff face looked fun. What can I say? We're all morons at that age. Sufficed to say, I didn't tell my parents until years later.

3. One winter when I was a kid, a friend and I were engaged in throwing ice at passing cars on the road. One of them stopped. The driver was an off duty police officer. Yes, we got into trouble.

4. Chocolate and peanut butter together are to die for.

5. There is no such thing as too much sugar in your tea.

6. Avoiding defining what the Very Bad Thing in my work in progress actually is (that I occasionally refer to in blogs) is a source of personal amusement.

7. I know how they got the caramel into the Caramilk bar.

This brings us to the Stylish Blogger Awards themselves.
You've Got To Be Kidding! is Norma's humorous skewed blog, dealing with life's little foibles, like haircuts, technology, and astrological signs run amok.

Erin Lausten  gives us the tale of a writers' journey, with some cleverly timed video clips along the way. As they say, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

7 Scorpions by Mike Saxton follows the ongoing war against spammers by my competitor for world domination.

All Kidding Aside: Don't hold Beth's love of golf against her; she's really quite funny.

Believe In Yourself is Donna's blog, where as of late she's introduced a priceless character named Gerri. Have a look at her short stories. You'll be in stitches.

Lisa and Lisa Write A Book: Lisa and Lisa are friends, collaborators, and partners in crime. All other allegations have yet to be proven in court.

Talli Roland is the home page of author Talli Roland, whom I've been following for quite awhile now.

Telega Tales: Karla's slice of life blog that'll get you shaking your head, gasping, and laughing. Frequently all at once.

Still Writing is JE Fritz' blog. She's into mystery writing, and etymology. You'll learn a lot on word origins while perusing her blog.

The Desert Rocks is Eve's home domain, and she uses it for ruminations on life, writing, and some dirty limericks. Okay, just two of those dirty limericks. You'll have to find them.

The Life of A Novice Writer is Shelly's place to not only talk about writing, but about the misadventures of her family and a certain dog that occasionally hijacks her blog.

Inspired By Caffeine and Nicotine is the realm of He Who Is Known As Robblogger... and the occasional hijack location of a mysterious Princess...

Basking In The Afterglow, of course, is Scarlett and James' joint page (and strangely familiar)... if you haven't seen it, it's not safe for work. Or if you've got rugrats running about. Just consider yourselves warned.

Now then, about those flying animals....


  1. Thank you, William...but you forgot something. You didn't give any of us an Oscar!

  2. Thanks William!!

    My hubby, when he was 5 years old, was throwing stones with a friend...what he didn't realize is that they were throwing stones at cars. Him and his friend got taken home by the cops...LOL

  3. William, thanks much for the sweet mention.

    Yeah, flying's all fun and games till somebody looses a gavel.

  4. Thank you, William. Somehow, none of the seven items surprise me.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I found it very surprising.

    I did know about everything but the ice-throwing incident.

  7. Wow Thank You so much ... In my best Sally Fields voice You like me ...
    But really Thank You so much. I don't always comment but I really enjoy your blog, runaway Muppets in Canada and all !
    Norma gave me a Stylish Award and I forgot (when your sick and on drugs) the Seven things part so I will have to do that soon.

    And I agree with DM, none of your seven items surprise me.
    I knew you had to be on someones hit list !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. You can't know a thing like how they got the Caramilk in the Caramilk bar and not share!

  9. Parsnip--I didn't do the Seven Things bit, either. To me, the awards are simply a way to show appreciation for blogs we enjoy. Sorry, guys, but the seven things makes me think I'm back in high school....

  10. Darn it! I'm behind as always. Just now noticing this. Thanks!:) And yes, peanut butter and chocolate rock!


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